Look closely. You’ll see the four people in blue shirts – those are the CITs. One traveled all the way from Spain to better her English and got much more experience than she ever imagined. She spent four weeks as a CIT with fast talking American kids and went home exhausted… and fluent. Two are brand new CITs – eager, enthusiastic and ready to move from being a camper to the role of helper, supporter, and champion. One is a veteran and it was his mother who said, “The experience you give him is invaluable. This is where he learns to take responsibility for his commitments.” He was a rock star this week.

And surrounding them are the happy campers. One boy traveled from Brooklyn to experience a week of New Hampshire wildlife. Too much of a snooze for him? Quite the contrary. He knew by the end of day one that he was part of a team. He learned his biggest champion was an adolescent CIT… a boy. This camper can now tell you anything you want to know about ravens. And this lifelong city boy brought his Grandma and Grandpa out in the woods searching for wildlife tracks the weekend after camp.

The quote of the week from a member of this extraordinary group? It was spoken while touching a mink pelt one morning, “I could touch this all day. It’s as soft as butterfly milk.”

Who would NOT love spending time with campers and CITs like these?!