Curious about our World’s Best Chefs summer camp? You’re not alone. This program sparks a great deal of conversation and is our most popular offering. That’s why this year we’re offering it not just once, but twice.
Many people want to know where we visit. So here it is – an insider’s list of the restaurants we worked with last summer. The chefs were generous with their time and training and they absolutely LOVE to help the young people develop their passion for kitchen skills and quality food. There’s nothing cooler for a kid than knowing the chef!
In addition to the spots on this list, we visited the Heirloom Seed Project at Meadow’s Mirth Farm for some planting, weeding, and gardenside preparation of purslane panzanella.
  • Bridge Street Bistrot serves true French bistrot food and has a cool little wine bar downstairs. The kids were in the kitchen flipping and eating crepes with the chef. When you visit, try the escargot and don’t tell the kids they are snails until AFTER they love them. Be sure to end the meal with profiteroles!
  • Louie’s serves small and large plates and the thing to have here is the fresh pasta. Both Chef Marty and James, the owner, spent a great deal of time answering the kids’ questions and teaching them to hand make dozens and dozens of farfalle. We’ve been happy to see many campers dining there with Chef Marty chatting away at their table.
  • Black Trumpet was our link to the Monday farm experience plus Chef Steph taught the kids to make the amazing blueberry hand pies parents tasted at the Friday finale. Everything we’ve ever eaten there is delicious (really) and you must make a big deal about the bread and dessert as that’s Steph’s specialty. Chef and owner Evan Mallett spent time on Monday inspiring the kids to pay attention to the quality of the ingredients that go into their food. This is a very romantic date night restaurant and when you go, be sure to say hello to Chef Evan. He’s a friendly guy with a passion for inspiring young chefs.
  • Cava serves small plates strongly influenced by the flavors of Spain. The food is out of this world and when you go, book the chef’s table. You get to chat with Chef Gregg as he prepares your food. The kids made Gazpacho here in what was truly a riot of color, taste and energy.
  • Cure is another amazing little Portsmouth spot. Chef Julie taught the kids to love cauliflower with the help of her mother. Really. The kids adore her. We had one camper report he said no to movie night so that he and his mom could spend time recreating Chef Julie’s cauliflower.When you go, and you’ll want to go, make sure to have your kids come up to the kitchen window and say hello to the chef.
  • The Kitchen is where the local chefs eat and was featured on TV in September on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. For lunch or dinner, the food is inventive, very thoughtfully prepared and delicious. You’re likely to find Chef owner Matt Greco here or at sister restaurant The Blind Pig in Kittery, a great place to eat outside while watching the sun set over the river.
  • Fresh Press serves what New Hampshire magazine readers say is the best healthy lunch in the state. We agree. The kids learned to make the Green Monster, the Chocolate Popeye and the Skinny Scout and although they loved all three, their favorite was the green smoothie. The focus here is on health and the value of eating and drinking a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Go for breakfast or lunch and say hello to Aaron the owner!ins