1. At camp, you are responsible for more than just yourself.

When you staff a camp, you get to work as a mentor, role model and hero to children ages 6-14. You are there to ensure that your campers and CITs are happy, have their individual needs met and have the time of their life. You’ll also be a part of the leadership team and will be encouraged to give of yourself more than you ever thought possible. The more you invest yourself in everything you do, the more you get out of the experience.

  1. At camp you get to feel needed AND inspired.

At some internships, you spend more time in front of a copier or coffee machine than developing valuable skills that truly prepare you for the workplace. At a camp like Summer Rangers, you hone your leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills; all in a highly supportive team environment. You manage yourself, the CITs, and the campers under your care. You try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. And you do it all with the 100% support of the camp directors and leadership team members…all caring, seasoned professionals.

  1. Camp develops professional skills for a great career (psst…and a happy life.)

At Summer Rangers we emphasize and help interns develop essential skills. You learn flexibility as you communicate with people ranging from children to camp directors. You take initiative when any unexpected circumstances arise. You are exposed to a community of both campers and CITs and understand what it means to build a caring, supportive community. You demonstrate accountability as you work to keep children safe and happy. But more than all of this, you gain a sense of self-fulfillment as you see your campers and CITs try new activities, reach their goals, and grow in confidence. It’s exciting to see camp interns be inspired and go on to work professionally with children and youth as social workers, teachers, and outdoor educators. Work at summer camp prepares you for a myriad of careers and expands your possibilities far more than you might imagine.

  1. Recruiters want camp people.

The common thread of conversations with many exceptional professionals from business to education to non-profits is more often than not, camp. It’s not surprising. The skills developed and the experiences gained through a job at camp are universally in demand, regardless of your ultimate career path. So before you hit the submit button for a summer job that allows you to coast through, consider a camp internship. At Summer Rangers, it’s paid and only five and a half weeks long, allowing for plenty of time off to enjoy other summer pursuits. I guarantee it will be one of the most impactful workforce development experiences of your life. Reach out to me if you want to learn more.