At the conclusion of each summer camp week, we invite CITs to write learnings and memories on sticky notes and post them on the wall. They can then step back, read notes from others and know for that week they’ve surrounded themselves with young leaders who are truly inspirational. 

Here’s a peek at some of the sticky notes:

I learned strategies to reach out and connect with other people.

The campers look up to me. They will do anything I do, good or bad.

I learned to better manage a group project with many ideas flowing at once.

I came in to a bunch of kids excited to see me and hugging me. It really made my summer.

I learned it’s easy to make friends.

Now I’m not afraid to ask an adult for help.

I learned how to start a conversation without it being awkward.

One thing I can have is a big impact. My actions can change someone’s day from bad to good.

I learned that I can earn and deserve people’s trust in me.

Some people love things I don’t and I can make that work.

I discovered how to create a conversation with people of the opposite gender. I came in thinking I won’t be able to connect because we’re different but I figured out questions that boys and girls would be interested in.

I know how to better control situations with campers and how to enforce rules while keeping things fun.

I really enjoyed calming an excitable camper down, which I used to think was impossible.

I got better at using my authority.

I found out how to tough through my fatigue.

I realized that if after trying everything, you’re still not sure how to help somebody, they’ll still be satisfied if you redirect them.

I learned how important it is to do all I ask of my campers, whether that’s leading a game and playing full out or really taking the time to seek them out.

It stuck with me that I have a powerful voice that this world can hear and the opportunity to help others by building their confidence and empowering them.

It’s good to try to include everyone and their ideas.

I’ll remember how excited and happy campers are to be a part of something.

I learned everyone has good sides. You just need to find them.

Even if I’m not with a group of my friends, I can still have fun and meet new people.

I learned that ignoring kids can be a useful tactic in getting them to stop doing something.

I learned how to get to know someone quickly and be able to keep them talking about what they love to do.

I also learned that people and campers are always watching you, so it is important to model behavior that you want to see from them.

Including everyone in activities helps them connect.

I learned to surround myself with different people each day.

Think small but build big.

The start of the day leadership round up really influenced my thinking.

I found out why it’s important to keep everyone focused and listening to directions.

I learned there’s always a way to help.

I found out how to get people’s attention when I need it.

This week was important because I got to help campers get excited about something awesome.

I saw a CIT give up his seat for a camper. I learned it is very important to put the campers before yourself, ALWAYS.

Finding ways for people to shine is always a really good thing.

I found out all the campers want to be CITs.