Our favorite question of the week,
“WHY should I think about sending my child to an after school program like Planet Rangers? We have school already plus other activities to choose from.”
  • To be a part of a larger caring community that strives to be inspirational. (“My daughter stepped up and into herself in this program. She talked about making new friends – with boys no less – and that’s pretty rare for her. The experience was transformative. She said this year she doesn’t want to do anything other than Planet Rangers.”) More? See After Hours below.
  • To layer your child’s growth beyond the classroom and give them the opportunity to be excited about what they’re learning. (“Can I be a fly on the wall? Why do my children love PR so much they beg to be able to go every day of the week? All I can guess is this is the type of learning they love – rife with new places, ideas and adventures…it captures their imagination.”) More? See Hands-On below.
  • To make a measurable difference in areas of real import – the experiential development of confidence and persistence, a knowledge of other cultures, and a strong sense of life skills that matter. (“I realize that there’s more going on than the theme – you’re teaching life. I’m so grateful to see the result – my child now tells me why it’s important to be flexible!”) More? See Going Global below.
  • To be part of a program that helps children grow from grades 2 through 12. If you’re looking for great role models for your children – look no further than our campers, CITs and interns. (“My gift for mothers day? I couldn’t be more proud of the leadership skills my son developed… he feels better about striking up a conversation, he learned hard work pays off and to put others’ needs before his own. Best. Gift. Ever.”)
  • Because the voiced regret of many parents is they wish they’d started PR sooner. (“My child was a bit nervous going in and hasn’t stopped talking about how awesome it is ever since. I wish I signed up from the first opportunity – this is the most engaged I’ve seen my child in a long time.“)
Hands-On: If there’s one thing we’ve discovered along the way, it’s learning through hands-on engagement is the only way to go. Even though the research on that is clear, the truth is Planet Rangers is unique in providing that opportunity. We go way out on a limb to craft storylines that grab kids’ attention – hook, line and sinker.
After Hours: We seek to foster a community of like-minded families who have the opportunity to play together at game nights, ski trips, bowling, hut hikes, apple picking and volunteer events. All are invited and all are warmly welcomed.
Going Global: Twice a year we even take families halfway around the world to Bali to experience an exotic culture first hand and develop relationships with a local children’s home. We’ve found no place better to find inspiration, wonder, and real opportunities to learn new life skills.