We all do our jobs, don’t we? And hope that somehow we make a difference and make life better or easier or more fulfilling for others. And every once in awhile, we get some feedback that nails what we’re trying to do right on the head. This is that letter:

Thank you for an amazing week of World’s Best Chef camp. 

We loved Maeve’s enthusiasm and excitement for each day’s events. Throughout the week we heard the children make statements that were then attributed to you both and camp. One morning Maeve was making Maggie’s sandwich and put a speck of Nutella before changing to jelly. Maeve asked her if it was ok or if she should remake it. Maggie replied saying “It’s ok, I can be flexible.” Both my eyebrows went up as I inquired where she had learned that. All of the kids chimed in saying “Camp! It’s very important for us to be flexible in order for us to make things work.” It was one of those moments as a parent where I was left speechless. For the past 25 years, I have taught fifth grade. I am acutely aware of what goes into a day with this age and how impressionable they are as well as how important it is to fill them up with lessons like these. I quickly realized that while “Worlds Best Chef” was the theme, the true work of the week was life. We are incredibly grateful to you both as well as to your amazing staff for the time and dedication to teaching Maeve (and Riley, Maggie, May and Regan) life.  

While we really only got a small view each day as they eagerly described what had taken place, it was truly Friday that absolutely amazed us. Thursday night when I tucked Maeve in, she told me that she positively could not wait for Friday…to the point that she felt like it was Christmas eve. It was hard for me to imagine what was to come! While we were acutely aware of the goal: they were recreating their restaurants, we could never have envisioned what the final outcome was.  Absolutely stunning. On the one hand it embraced what we strive for all summer: low-tech…hand painted signs, posts made of cardboard, a beautiful red clock from MN. I could name so much more. On the other hand, it was a stunningly complicated dance involving so many children playing so many different roles that as a teacher, I could do nothing but marvel in amazement. For sure, Friday was a highlight day of my summer as well as the children.

 As for looking forward, Maeve was not home a day before she was asking me if she could return next year. We are extremely appreciative of the experience Maeve had and very grateful that you embraced her and provided her with THE experience of the summer!


MaryCate and Geoff Theobald