After School Programs Returning in November



Remember that day in March when you learned that school wouldn’t meet in person again until September? You may have wondered what that would even look like for kids, parents, families, and our community as a whole. Questions piled up on your shoulders.


But… despite the extra weight, you forged on. You got creative in all areas of your life and made it work. You may have even found a silver lining or two in the slower pace of this summer.


Now, here you are, knocking on the door of a new school year.  That may come with some back to school jitters– and once again, a lot of questions. But this time around, despite the uncertainty, you know you can do it again.


As all of our kids head back to the classroom, online, in person, or some mix of the two, at Planet Rangers, we remain committed to your families and to helping you stay connected with each other and with the joy and life learnings that develop through our programs.


We are thinking a lot about your kids – about how to help, how to foster healthy opportunities for them to learn with friends, share adventures and be challenged. Planet Rangers programs will be back for the November/December sessions and we’ll keep supporting you as best we can in the interim.


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