To support the health of our community during COVID-19, Summer Rangers camps are moving online!


Explore, create, and adventure with friends in our

new online Base Camp!



Summer Rangers Base Camp features themed virtual camps on Zoom during the originally scheduled weeks of our in person camp.  
Each camp runs Mon-Fri mornings from 9-11am and is packed with so many of the special elements you look forward to in our camps and programs. The beloved staff members, the fostering of new friendships, repeat after me songs, mysteries, hands-on learning, maker space projects… all within a structure that will safely allow all of that to still happen. An experience that promises the crazy fun of camp is on and gives your kids the gift of still having camp to look forward to- and talk about over dinner!



  • For each camp we provide your child with a supply kit that dovetails and supplements the activities and mission of each camp. These kits contain surprises with some items sealed to be opened and revealed as the camp week rolls along.
  • Color teams (like cabins) feature CIT leaders and adult supervision to facilitate all manner of team building and camp activities in smaller groups.
  • Funshops galore are led by motivated and experienced Leadership Team members. Again, in small groups.
  • Each camp is a full immersion in the topic, same as always.
  • We’ll practice the virtual skills necessary for the success of camp. Campers attend and pass a virtual training course with Camp Director John Battye in advance to follow our foundational Summer Rangers’ guidelines for success.
  • For the first time and if space allows we can open our enrollment to kids from distant towns: for example, a camper’s cousin from out of state could attend.
  • Compelling storylines, characters from the portal, icebreakers, color team competitions…it’s all on offer for your camper. The leadership team your kids know will be there, and know that being a Summer Ranger right alongside your kids is a privilege.



  • Campers must be entering 2nd grade+ in the fall (third grade for World’s Best chefs)
  • CITs must be entering 7th grade+ in the fall
  • Availability. We only have 35 or so spaces in camp due to limitations with Zoom technology, space for staff and our desire to see all participants at once.  If you’d like a spot, let us know your plans as soon as possible. We expect our camps to fill.
  • Space. Does your child have a spot at home where they can have fairly low levels of distraction during camp, roughly 9:00-11:00 am? A place where they can move and make some noise? Yes, there will be lots going on AND attention and focus are key skill areas we’re working on.
  • Independence. We are serious about your child’s commitment and ability to be independent during camp. We want to provide working parents with an opportunity to focus on their needs while camp is in session. That’s why we’re practicing virtual skills in advance. That said, you’re welcome to be present with your child at camp – it’s important to realize distractions take time from everyone, and we welcome your support if needed. We’ll definitely have a full schedule of engagement!
  • Supplies. We’ll count on you to have a dedicated screen and some common household supplies and will work with you to make sure you have what you need. The kits we provide will be thoughtful and fun and be stocked with useful, super-cool campy stuff.
  • Bonus. We’ll offer a range of afternoon activities and culminating projects that kids can get into after camp hours. Motivated kids love digging into activities on topics they love. We’ll offer them ways to showcase their work and ideas.
  • Connection. Kids miss their friends and interacting with other caring role models. Guided virtual social interactions in small groups are a great way to get close to people right now… to laugh and learn confidently and in an environment of social safety.
  • Creativity. Technology here is our servant, not our focus. While camp is virtual, it’s the tool for our real interests – fostering hands-on kids’ creativity and their passion for learning.
  • Options: This is an exciting undertaking on our part fueled by the desire to provide you and your children with the best program we can under the circumstances.
  • Commitment:  All of us from the Leadership Team to the Interns to the CITs are thrilled to serve your kids and grow with you. Our can-do attitude and focus on giving kids memorable, character building experiences is the core of our program. We won’t settle for anything less!

Interested in camp but concerned about the cost? 

Apply for a Camp Collective Scholarship Program gift from Planet Rangers Families

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Kids Inc.:

Wizards & Wands

June 22-26 (FULL)

Kids Inc: Wizards & Wands

Jump right into the magical world of Book 2, The Chamber of Secrets. Campers will design and create their own game of skill or chance and make it as complex or simple as they like. Campers get to experience spells, potions, wand making, Hogwarts’ characters, treat baking in Honeydukes’ kitchens and so much more.

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade and CITs entering grade 7th – 10th.

$179 for campers, $115 for CITs.

Geology Rocks!:

July 6-10




July 13-17

Geology Rocks!

Campers get to delve into the mysteries of Geology, collect all new mineral samples for a rock collection and help SherRock Holmes unravel clues in his latest case. This theme offers lots of choice in rock-themed funshops, experiments and activities. Culminating projects beautify your neighborhood, do good for others, and showcase learnings for family and friends.

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade and CITs entering grade 7th – 10th.

$179 for campers, $115 for CITs.

World’s Best Chefs:

July 27-July 31  (FULL)




August 3-7 (FULL)

World's Best Chefs

Campers will get to know local chefs including James Beard nominees there to teach you their secrets. Many of them are beyond eager to join this virtual foodie experience! Campers get to partner with Harvin in the heirloom seed farm, sharpen their culinary skills, learn new recipes and create a Do It Yourself restaurant for the family at the end of the week.

Open to campers entering 3rd – 6th grade and CITs entering grade 7th – 10th.

$189 for campers, $115 for CITs.


Join Us for the Best Weeks of Your Summer!

CIT Leadership Program

Imagine a summer full of fun with an amazing group of friends- old and new- guiding the eager hearts and minds of little kids who want nothing more than to hang out with you.
You get to experience all the fun and adventure of camp right alongside campers, peers and mentors while exploring and enhancing your best self.  With camp online this year, you’ll get to lead in a new setting which offers many opportunities to grow and share your expertise.


Full details on our year-round CIT program