Chefs on the Orient Express

Hungry for adventure? 

This one will engage your mind and your belly!


Suspicious characters are boarding the Orient Express and as a chef in the dining car, you’re the one to gather clues and solve the mystery! This first-class journey riding the rails starts in Paris and ends in the magical city of Istanbul with stops in Zurich, Vienna, and Budapest, cooking and baking along the way.


Once a week, every Wednesday OR every Thursday

All Programs held at 129 Miller Ave, Portsmouth


Campers in 2nd-5th grades:  2:45 – 5:00pm

CITs in 6th-9th grades: 3:15 – 5:30pm

Early Birds Program available Wednesday February 9th.  12:30 school dismissal until full program start at 3:00pm. Details below.

Little Harbour students: Free transportation is available at school dismissal time.  CITs from PMS walk or ride the three blocks from school.

If you’re coming from further afield, arrival time may be adjusted to accommodate.  

Wednesday Program Dates

January 26


February 2


February 9*

Early Birds program available


February 16


February 23- Save the date!

Parents are invited to join our tasty, kid-led finale. Details to come!



January 27


February 3


February 10


February 17


February 24

Parents are invited to join our tasty, kid-led finale. Details to come!



  • Little Harbour School: We meet those who attend Little Harbour at dismissal for the walk to our headquarters. John can be found standing on the sidewalk near the playground with a flag. Please have your child meet us there, dressed for the weather. It’s wise to let your child’s teacher know to dismiss them as a walker so they can meet Planet Rangers after school. We inform the front office of the same information.
    • If your child is going to miss a Planet Rangers day for any reasonbe sure to let us know so we’re not waiting for them at dismissal. John’s cell is (603) 957-0074.


  • Portsmouth Middle School:  CITs walk or bike the three blocks from school to Planet Rangers HQ at dismissal time.


  • All Other Schools: Many campers and CITs come to us from other great Seacoast schools. If that’s you, kindly drop your child at PR headquarters (address below) with our staff anytime between 2:45 and 3:15. If we are helping to coordinate carpool transportation, contact us by email to confirm arrangements.

(On Portsmouth Schools Early Release Days)

When early release days happen on a program day, we now offer a super fun Early Birds program to cover the extra time kids have between 12 noon school dismissal and our 2:45 program start time. If you would like your child to join the Early Birds on February 9th, let us know.
$25 per camper, $18 per CIT


We provide a hearty snack at the start of each program day…a great time for kids to get to know the CITs and other campers!


Campers finish at 5:00, CITs at 5:30pm. Pickup is at the pumpkin church hall in Portsmouth. The address is 129 Miller Avenue. Although we’re usually deeply into the current day’s adventures and reluctant to cut it off, we do make a concerted effort to be done within 5 minutes of that time.

A typical afternoon at Planet Rangers  (If there  is such a thing!)

At Planet Rangers, our mission is to grow great qualities in kids.

  • Each afternoon is carefully crafted with enough structure to make kids feel secure and enough creative freedom that they can get really inspired by the topic and their community. It’s a chance to shift their mindset after any day at school.
    Magic, fun, camaraderie and adventure abound as campers and CITs alike stretch their comfort zones, learning about their selves and the amazing world around them. You can expect to greet happy energized kids each day at pick up- full of stories for the ride home!
  • Each week, campers and CITs arrive at Planet Rangers HQ from many directions within a half-hour window.  Whether they’ve walked, biked or carpooled to Planet Rangers, they get a great feeling as soon as they walk through the door, knowing that friends, adventures, and a hearty snack await.
  • After a family-style snack with their color team, campers and CITs enter the theme of the day, meeting new characters, working on projects, and truly becoming part of the story in hands-on ways.
  •  At the end of the day, when campers head home, CITs stay to help clean up, re-set the spaces we’ve used and debrief the day in a targeted leadership development meeting. The questions asked and guidance shared give CITs perspective on their progress as a leader and help them grow even more the next week.
  • On the last day, parents are invited to attend a culminating finale event. Campers and CITs are so eager to showcase what they’ve learned during the 5-week session and teach it to others in loads of fun ways.  We hope you can join– and enjoy a little of the Planet Rangers magic yourself!

Just like the kids we serve, we’re learning and growing all the time too!

If you have feedback, questions or ideas that would improve the Summer Rangers experience for your child, please let us know.

We’d love to hear from you!