2022 COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols




Our website is kept up-to-date with current health and safety practices and is the best place for campers and families to find the information they need.


Daily Screening

Campers, CITs and staff are screened for symptoms before the start of each day. This screening is verbal at camp check-in. Anyone who answers yes to any of the following questions is not allowed at camp that day: 

  • Do you have any unexplained symptom* of COVID-19 that is new for you or a fever of 100.4 or higher?
  • Have you had close contact in the past 5 days with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19? 


Physical Distancing

Campers, CITs and staff who are members of the same cohort or team maintain a 3’ distance from each other, both indoors and outdoors, whenever possible.  Cohorts maintain a 6’ distance from other cohorts.  Visitors, such as parents at drop off and pick up or community members attending our end-of-camp finales, are reminded to maintain physical distance as well.



Campers, CITs and staff should bring a minimum of two masks to camp each day.  Masks should have two or more layers, have ear or head loops and a metal nose piece that creates a snug fit with no gaps. Bandanas or other tube style masks without ear or head ties are not allowed. Masks should be able to remain on the camper or CIT’s person at all times so they are immediately accessible as needed (i.e., looped over the wrist or stored in a pocket.)


All campers, CITs and staff will wear masks at all times indoors.  If there is a need to be unmasked indoors (i.e. taking a water break) campers, CITs and staff will maintain a 6’ physical distance for the duration of the unmasked period.  Masks are not required when outdoors, provided physical distancing of at least 3’ is largely maintained (i.e., playing a game and briefly running past each other unmasked is fine, directly sitting side by side to eat is not.)


Modified Layouts and Processes

The use of the spaces at camp are modified to allow for as much unidirectional flow of movement, physical distancing, and spatial barriers as possible.


Hand Hygiene

All campers, CITs and staff are encouraged to use good hand hygiene throughout the camp day. The camp has numerous large containers of hand sanitizer out and available for use at any time. 


Cleaning and Disinfecting

In addition to our regular camp cleaning protocols, high-touch surfaces and materials are cleaned and disinfected daily. Hand washing and/or sanitizing is encouraged before and after touching shared objects.



Indoor ventilation at camp is increased this year through the use of open windows, circulation fans, and new filters in ceiling air purifiers.



Staff, CITs and campers must report any new or unexplained symptom of COVID-19 if one arises during the camp day. An example of an explained symptom is something pre-existing, such as asthma or allergies. The person with an unexplained symptom will remain masked, be supervised but removed from contact with the larger group, and be sent home with a parent to be tested for COVID-19. The person can return to camp once they have tested negative, at least 24 hours have passed since their last fever, their symptoms have improved and they’ve had no risk factor for COVID-19 exposure over the prior 5 days. The person’s cohort will be moved to another area so that the original cohort location can be closed for 24 hours and fully cleaned and disinfected.


Other Things to Know:

  • Campers should bring their own lunch and snack to camp. 
  • All campers and CITS should bring a towel to sit on for snack and lunch times as an easy, fun way to maintain social distancing.
  • This year the camp is using a system of color-coded silicone wristbands to indicate kids’ comfort level for closeness. Parent and child are encouraged to discuss this before camp to uphold family values and beliefs. Kids may change their color choice from day to day as their comfort level changes.


    • LIGHT BLUE– Comfort near others (i.e., tapping elbows with someone to say hello or not wearing a mask outdoors.)
    • ORANGE– Desire for a greater distance from others (i.e., an air High Five or wave to greet someone or wearing a mask when outdoors.
    • RAINBOW– Staff, Interns & CITs wear this color to show their fully vaccinated status and respect of others’ preferences.