Planet Rangers’ Story


It all began when John & Susan Battye wanted to make afternoons rich and meaningful for their youngest children, Jenny and Emily.  They created Planet Rangers’ first adventure which set off from their dining room attended by just six kids.  But word spread and more wanted to join the fun.  These kids were hungry for what they found at Planet Rangers after school- a safe place to be themselves, a community of engaged peers, healthy role models, and numerous opportunities to explore, learn, and grow.  Soon, they wanted even more… which led to the creation of Summer Rangers camps, enabling year round adventures for all.


Today, a large dynamic community of families from across the Seacoast use Planet Rangers as healthy complement to school, home, sports, music and clubs.  Whatever the season, kids love being part of the story as they learn through adventure, express creativity, explore other cultures and practice life skills and leadership among a mixed-age group of friends.  They relish the opportunity to share what they’ve learned with family and friends during each session’s finale event.  Many kids stay with our programs for years, growing from camper to CIT to intern while accepting age-appropriate challenges and responsibilities from 2nd to 12th grade and beyond.  Planet Rangers, and the friends they make here, are a positive constant throughout their childhood and teenage years.

Summer Rangers Leadership Team

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John Battye

Camp Director

John has a Master’s degree in elementary education and has been a teacher for 23 years. He’s a camp mentor, a parent educator and has way more energy than normal humans. There is nothing he’d love more than to be 9 years old again and he makes it his mission to bring social learning, community building and adventure together to create a program where kids feel safe, known and motivated to get passionate about the things that interest them. John is on the same page with kids and that connection is based on a high level of mutual respect and shared joy. He in fact holds several playground records for paddle ball, real life Temple Run, and four square. John is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and has four kids of his own ranging in age from 16-26.

Susan Battye

Susan Battye

Camp Director

Susan draws on a variety of experiences in her role as creativity maven with the Planet Rangers and Summer Rangers programs. In addition to a marketing and training director, she’s been the director of a large commercial kitchen, a creative writing teacher, senior staff at a performing arts camp, director of an elementary theater program and the mother of four delightful children. Her degree is in psychology, which turns out to equip her well in the art of fostering happy campers. Susan is passionate about expanding kids’ horizons, whether by introducing dried squid snacks or determining how best to create a minotaur’s maze with cardboard boxes and duct tape. Susan is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and is Servsafe certified by the National Restaurant Association.


Grady Savage

Assistant Camp Director

Grady has a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration on both education and theatre and has been working with kids in a variety of roles – from overnight summer camp director to preschool teacher to youth mentor – for 10+ years.  She has a passion for theatre, writing, and helping kids cultivate growth and confidence in who they are and who they want to be.


With both an arts and education background, Grady loves to help children embrace their inner artist and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone as they play, create, and grow as people at Planet Rangers.  She’s also a stepmom to an amazing teenager!


Kaarin Milne

Operations Director

Kaarin has a Masters in Business Administration with extensive marketing and organizational development experience. She supports all business areas including marketing, technology, accounting, organizational development and programming.
She sees the immeasurable value Planet Rangers delivers to kids and families and is committed to ensuring it’s longevity.
On the Leadership Team, she loves serving campers, CITs, interns and other developing leaders, meeting them where they are and helping them build a range of skills that can get them where they aim to be.  She and her husband Todd have three kids who are growing up through Planet Rangers programs.

Summer Rangers Leadership Team



Jenny loves sparking excitement and passion in children and teaching and learning through nature and art. Give her a glue gun, some glitter, and sunshine, and she’s in her element!



Will is wildly adventurous, wonderfully kind and eager to help.  Have a challenge?  Bring it to Will- he’ll help you figure it out!



Lindsey is a teacher who considers herself pretty crafty.  She can help you make almost anything you imagine!

Sam R


Sam is a quick-thinking, confident leader who can help anyone learn the ropes at camp.  If you have any moments of uncertainty, check in with Sam- he’ll set you on the right path!



When she isn’t teaching first graders, Becky loves to act on stage, wear costumes, coordinate her earrings with a theme, and read!



Sam has amazing super powers and can get anything done with style!  Team up with her to use your powers for the greater good!


Henry Ardito Lebo

Henry moved from camper to CIT to intern to become a solid camp leader. Come to him with any questions- he’s fun to be with and will get you any answers you need!



When Noah’s not reading, writing, playing piano, singing, or baking, he’s honing his Harry Potter impressions.  (His Professor McGonagall one is pretty good.)



Phin (he/him) loves puns, rhymes, and writing this bio. If you want to tell a joke or a story, or talk about something really obscure that nobody understands but you, he wants to hear it!



Our camp Creative Director is a graphic designer and a big kid at heart who dreams up fantastical ideas to immerse kids in another world!



Jack loves to harness creativity at camp and is always full of positive energy! Go to Jack if you need help getting in the camp spirit or if you just need a big high-five!



A Summer Rangers veteran who loves learning new things, getting creative, and playing games!  If you need help setting up a new game, she’s your go-to-gal!



Natalie loves a challenge whether it’s busting a bank robber or helping you discover your own hidden super powers.


Zeph Samdperil

The energetic and fun-loving Zeph is super excited to part of the Summer Rangers team this summer. He actually did come here to make friends.


Meg Orlandi

Meg is an artistic, energetic, and engaged counsellor who is ready for her 9th summer at Planet Rangers! She knows how to have a good time and is excited to make new friends!



Mike taught MS & HS for 26 years and coaches at PHS.  He’s full of good, healthy high energy…and a big kind heart!!  Kids just love him!

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