April Vacation Week Camp:
The Serengeti


Expand your horizons and explore your best qualities as you journey to the Serengeti Region of Kenya and Tanzania for the great migration and the chance to meet four-legged animals, both fierce and furry. Our maker-space is open and fully stocked so you have the chance to create your own wild animal costume or carnival game and become an expert on the creature of your choice. This is a chance for you to get up close and personal with giraffes, rhinos, zebras and all the wild and wooly animals you love.

When all that adventure leaves you ready for a change of pace, dig for dinosaur fossils in the Ngorongoro Crater and make chimpanzee cupcakes with Jane Goodall. We’ll be outdoors as much as we can, including our time engineering our own meerkat mini golf course!



Monday – Thursday, April 25 – 28

At 129 Miller Ave, Portsmouth



10am – 2pm

$225 per Camper


Aftercare Option from 2pm – 4pm:
$25 per day, $75 for all four days



9:45am – 2:30pm

$165 per CIT


Wondering why so many families stick with PlanetRangers year-round? 

Simply put, it’s because we bring out great qualities in kids.


Throughout the year, campers and CITs love being part of these energized adventures, filled with hands-on learning that builds creativity, immersive storylines that embody different cultures, and countless opportunities for leading their self and others.  Over the months and years, these practices help to develop kids’ sense of confidence and connection, inspiring them to express their best selves.

Campers and CITs tell us all the time that Planet Rangers is the best part of their day. They’re always part of the story, so they’re excited to share all about their adventures on the ride home. Community spirit and so much learning are on display each finale day, when kids pass on their new found knowledge to parents, friends and community members.


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