Wizards, Wands and the Magic of Drama


Four children and countless classrooms later, we realize the value of drama as an outlet for kids. It’s a place to let their creativity take flight, a scene where you can vent frustrations good-naturedly, and a setting in which to be seen, heard and celebrated. So that’s why every summer we marry the idea of our Kids Inc: Wizards and Wands entrepreneurial camp with a piece of literature that allows room to be dramatic. And sure, the campers (or first years) embrace being part of a magical school and the prefects (CITs) love leading the shenanigans, but no one gets into it more than the staff who embody everyone from Madame Hooch on the Quidditch field to Rita Skeeter on photo day. Madame Pomfrey is there to treat dragon bites, Professor McGonagall appears whenever unauthorized magic is being used and Dumbledore even makes a special appearance at the finale. It is a week not one of us wants to end. No matter the age, it feels good to be surrounded by MAGIC!