CIT Leadership

Through dozens of real life leadership opportunities each session, CITs learn what approaches work best to motivate themselves and others. As part of a synergistic team, they develop great habits like taking initiative, flexibility, working through challenges, being the first to say hello and getting to know others. With daily chances to reflect, targeted guidance from seasoned leaders and peers, and plenty of opportunities to try again, they gain confidence and develop their own leadership style. They feel proud to be part of something big and, in return, bring their best selves to our community and the world.


Week-long themed camps
June, July, August
7:50 – 4:30*


Friday Finale
7:50 – 5:00


Aftercare Program
Option to lead with another CIT
3:00 – 5:00 daily

* Field trips may impact pick-up time – we’ll give you plenty of notice.


  • Before camp begins, you’ll participate in one of two four-hour CIT training sessions that are designed to set you up for success this summer. Packed full of great strategies and tips and led by in-house expert John Battye, these events are a fun way to learn the ropes while really getting to know your fellow CITs.
  • At camp, each day starts the same way – with the daily Leadership Team round-up. These meetings, attended by adult leaders, interns and CITs, get the whole crew energized and excited about the day – so we can spread that enthusiasm to our campers from the moment they arrive. You’ll get to know each and every person you’ll be working with at camp while making a team plan to be sure that every camper feels seen, heard, and appreciated. You’ll also share and/or hear about successes and challenges of the week, while learning simple steps you can take to really excel in your role.


At every camp, you’ll be a role model, leading small groups of elementary age kids in games and activities and work side by side to help create a great finale that celebrates the theme of the camp – whether that’s wand-making at Olivander’s, running trivia games on local wildlife, or teaching attendees how to make and enjoy their own healthy snacks.


One day per week for 5 weeks
3:15 – 5:30pm


Theme 1: Mondays or Tuesdays
Theme 2: Wednesdays or Thursdays


Sessions Run:

  • Jump right in after school, working with experienced CITs and those who are just learning the ropes.
  • In partnership with another CIT, lead a small group of 6-8 campers. Help them play ‘get to know you’ games, keep them focused on what the group is doing, or guide on the side to complete fun craft and cooking projects with opportunities to role-model while making your own creations too.
  • From 5:00-5:30, participate in a Leadership Team meeting to debrief the day with questions like: What went well? What was challenging? What did you learn from the day? …Then make a plan for the next program day to make it even better than the first.


On Mondays and Tuesdays, we visit locations like Bavaria, Peru, Scotland, Medieval England, Switzerland, Ancient Egypt, Iceland, Ancient Greece and beyond. We learn these cultures from within the story – crafting, conversing, creating and cooking as people in these regions would. On Wednesdays & Thursdays, our creativity is primarily focused on cooking as we explore themes like Swashbuckling Chefs of the Caribbean, the grand holiday markets of Europe, Diners and Drive Ins, Culinary Clue, and other mouth-watering adventures.

Who gets to be a CIT?


Kids that are eager to learn, grow, and lead within an awesome team of peers!

The after school program is open to those currently in 6th-9th grade, while our summer CITs need to have completed 6th grade.



  • You’ve been in Planet Rangers for years and are counting down the days to being a CIT
  • You have a friend who is a CIT and want to join them
  • You met us at an event and like the idea of guiding young kids
  • You’ve been a CIT somewhere else and want to learn leadership our way


Whatever the scenario that brought your family here, we’re glad that you’ve come! CITs are the heroes of our story, providing campers with great role models to look up to and providing our adult leadership team with invaluable support – in some really creative and fun ways.

How do I get involved?


Let us know you’re interested!

Email or register for an upcoming program.


Sign up when registration opens, about three weeks before each program starts for our after school adventures and in January for Summer Rangers Camps.  If you’re on our mail list, you’ll be given plenty of advance notice of the specific day/time registration opens.

When will I know which weeks I’m accepted for? 


In general, we will confirm your camp weeks within one week of registration. New CIT acceptance is contingent upon an individual interview.

Wait… an interview?!
YES! This is nothing to worry about. This gives you a chance to know us and us a chance to get to know you – why you want to be a CIT, what excites or concerns you about the role, and who you look up to as a role model.


CITs do a range of tasks in any program, from leading small groups of campers in activity, being a guide on the side while campers cook or craft, dressing up as historic or fantastical characters in one of our engaging story lines, teaching skills like flexibility, listening or picking up, and so much more. All parts are valuable! But we’d like to start you in a role that suits you at the beginning. From there, you’ll begin to stretch outside your comfort zone to learn new things.

CIT stories…