Summer Camp Logistics

While kids are at camp developing great qualities and learning skills for life, most parents use that time to work and get things done.  

Make sure mornings are seamless and pick up and finales are a breeze, especially if you are a parent with multiple kids in different roles, by reviewing camp-specific information below and noting dates and times on your calendar!

One final tip for campers, CITs and Interns: Get plenty of sleep each night before camp. This is crucial!

Things to Know Before Camp


Wildly Popular Pre-camp Briefing on Zoom.

This is a 20-30 minute Zoom conversation with other new campers and a staff member who will go over things that ease the transition to camp, answer questions, and help small groups of kids know they’ll be ready on day one and have a blast at camp. We will be in touch via email with details.


Camp address: “pumpkin church” 129 Miller Ave, Portsmouth



INTERNS: Arrive in time to attend the Intern Meeting at 7:30am

CITs: Arrive by 8:00am (or earlier). Our team meets in the Great Hall at 8:10 sharp.

CAMPERS: Arrive by 9:00am (but no earlier than 8:50). This allows staff the time needed to prepare for the day.



CAMPERS: Camp ends at 3:00pm*. Campers remaining after 3:10 will join the kids in aftercare (see below).

CITs: There is a mandatory CIT wrap-up meeting at the end of each camp day from 3:15-4:00. CITs then depart as early as 4:00pm*

INTERNS: Out next-level leaders run the CIT wrap-up meeting at the end of camp each day. Interns depart as early as 4:30pm*


*NOTE: Some days have later departure times due to finales or field trips (see Field Trips & Finales page). Please plan pickups accordingly.


Bring a backpack each day containing the following:

(We recommend camper’s belongings be labeled with their name.)


  • LUNCH & SNACKS: Easy to eat without utensils and not requiring refrigeration or reheating. * Please pack additional snacks if attending aftercare and on field trip days!
  • WATER: Large water bottle (or two!)
  • BEACH TOWEL: To sit on for picnic-style snack and lunch breaks and dry off after water games.
  • WHAT TO WEAR: Casual clothes and shoes that function well, rain or shine, and are OK to get dirt, paint or tie dye on them. 🙂

LOW TECH (and lovin' it)

We value the community at camp that flourishes without the distraction of technology.

CAMPERS: Electronics are not allowed at camp.

CITs & INTERNS: Cellphones stay in backpacks and are not to be used around campers or colleagues.

SMART WATCHES that become a distraction will need to be stored in a backpack.


As health and safety recommendations for day camps change, we adjust our own plans in accordance. A Health & Safety plan is posted on our website and will be updated throughout the summer season based on the recommendations of the State of NH.


The Summer Rangers aftercare program is available Monday to Friday from 3:00 until 5:00pm. The cost is $25 for 1 day, $50 for 2 days, $70 for 3 days, and $80 for 4 or 5 days in the same week. Sign up by logging into your parent dashboard prior to the start of your camp week and choose aftercare as an enrollment option. You can also add that option later.


If you are spring cleaning and can donate or lend any of the following, let us know. We would be thrilled!

  • Pop-up canopy tents, any size (like you see at a farmer’s market)
  • Folding tables (card tables, etc.)
  • Costume pieces you no longer want to keep
  • Flat sheets, tablecloths or aprons you want to be rid of, any color
  • Cardboard egg cartons. So many cartons!


Just like the kids we serve, we’re learning and growing all the time too!

If you have feedback, questions or ideas that would improve the Summer Rangers experience, please let us know. Or reach out to any of our leadership team:


Grady Savage



Susan Battye



John Battye