While kids are at camp developing great qualities and learning skills for life, most parents use that time to work and get things done.  

Make sure mornings are seamless and pick up and finales are a breeze, especially if you are a parent with multiple kids in different roles, by 

reviewing camp-specific information below and noting dates and times on your calendar!   


Location information:

  • All camps are held at the “pumpkin church” at 129 Miller Ave, Portsmouth


If we’ve missed something or you have any questions, let us know

Things to Know Before Camp

Wildly Popular Pre-Camp Briefing on Zoom

Pre-camp Zoom Briefing.

This is a 20-30 minute Zoom conversation with other new campers and a staff member who will go over things that ease the transition to camp, answer questions, and help small groups of kids know they’ll be ready on day one and have a blast at camp. We will be in touch via email with details.

What to pack each day

What to pack each day:

  • Snacks that are easy to eat without utensils, like squeezable yogurt, fruit or granola bars. *Please pack additional snacks on field trips or when staying for aftercare.
  • Lunch
  • Large water bottle or two
  • Sunscreen
  • Beach towel (to sit on for picnic snack and lunch breaks… a fun way to maintain physical distance.)
  • Wear casual clothes and shoes that function well, rain or shine and are OK to get dirt, paint or tie dye on 🙂

Low Tech (and lovin' it)

Kids are ready to enjoy the best of childhood again.

Cell phones may be brought to camp but will stay in backpacks at all times. Campers and CITs alike will be screen-free and part of a great team.

Let us know what you think!

Just like the kids we serve, we’re learning and growing all the time too!

If you have feedback, questions or ideas that would improve the Summer Rangers experience for your child, please let us know.

We’d love to hear from you!

A typical day at Summer Rangers... if there is such a thing?

At Summer Rangers, our mission is to grow great qualities in kids. Each day is crafted with enough structure to make kids feel secure and enough creative freedom that they can get really inspired by the topic and their community. Magic, fun, camaraderie and adventure abound as campers and CITs alike stretch their comfort zones, learning valuable skills for life. You can expect happy exhausted kids each day after camp – who will wake up in the morning eager for more!


  • Each morning, our Leadership Team, including interns and CITs, gather to get energized and set up, ready to greet each camper as they arrive.
  • During Geology, Wild NH and Chef weeks, we head to off-site learning locations to deepen connection, understanding and experience. Places further afield may result in slightly adjusted pick-up times on travel days.
  • In the afternoons, campers head home first (unless they are signed up for aftercare) with CITs and interns staying to clean up, re-set and debrief in leadership development meetings that help them make the next day even more amazing.
  • On the last day, parents are invited to attend a culminating finale event. Campers and CITs are so eager to showcase what they’ve learned that week and teach it to others in loads of fun ways. We hope you can join – and enjoy a little of camp magic yourself!