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Summer Rangers brings themes that explore magical world of wizards and wands, entrepreneurship, New Hampshire wildlife, geology, self empowerment, and cooking to kids who get engaged and excited to be part of it all.  Each camp follows a live-action story line, complete with characters that pop in and out of the portal to help campers understand th theme in an intimate, first-hand way.  They get pulled into the story and follow along to try and predict what’s next!


The final day of each camp is a special treat for parents and community members alike-  a kid-driven finale where campers teach attendees all that they’ve learned.  You’ll be surprised and impressed by the skill and enthusiasm with which they share their new knowledge with others!

  • Campers must be entering 2nd grade+ in the fall (third grade for World’s Best chefs) 


  • CITs must be entering 7th grade+ in the fall


  • Located conveniently in Portsmouth, many kids ride their bikes or walk to camp with parents and/or friends.  If you’re from out of town and want help finding a carpool, let us know!


  • Aftercare is available until 5:00pm.  Reserve your space at registration or sign up the week of camp.


  • Registration opens the second week in January.  Slots fill up quickly.  


Kids Inc.:

Wizards & Wands

June 22 – June 26

FULL for Campers;
Limited space for CITs

Kids Inc: Wizards & Wands

Design a game of skill or chance to run at our Potter themed mystical faire. Make a juicy batch of troll slime, welcome visitors to your wand shop, try the potions class or whip up some chocolate frogs. The Friday faire raises money for a local charity devoted to helping kids.

This week also features a film option where a small band of actors wave their wands and bring a Hogwarts tale to life.

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade.

$355 for campers, $240 for CITs.

Geology Rocks!:

July 6 – July 10

FULL for Campers and CITs

Geology Rocks!

Boys and girls with a spirit of adventure are invited to join this wildly popular Geology camp, chock full of adventure. Help SherRock Holmes and Doctor Rockson solve their latest Geological mystery. Go caving in a boulder field, hike in the misty mountains, bake volcano cakes, and pick your own treasures in the rock shop. On the last day, stage a wild and wonderful Geo Expo with simulations, experiments and games.

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade.

$380 for campers, $255 for CITs.

Wild NH:

July 13 – July 17

FULL for Campers and CITs

Wild NH

Want to get up close to river otters, bobcats and bald eagles? Head up north with us to hike trails and explore ponds teeming with wildlife. Search for clues as we help Tintin and Captain Haddock round up a posse of poachers. Back at camp headquarters, create strawberry short snakes, chocolate creature cakes and get costumed and face painted for the Friday Creature Feature!

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade.

$370 for campers, $250 for CITs.

World’s Best Chefs:

July 27 – July 31


August 3 – 7

Both Sessions FULL for Campers and CITs

World's Best Chefs

Campers get to go behind the scenes at Portsmouth’s best restaurants, taste the specialties, and learn the ropes with award-winning chefs from Cava, Black Trumpet, Elephantine Bakery and other local hot spots. Back at camp, create tasty treats, enter the Cutthroat Cooking challenge and gear up to serve customers on Friday in seven kid-run cafes.

WBC DIY Option:   For campers entering 5th grade or WBC camp veterans, this option allows the chance to design and run your own restaurant with the guidance of one of the Seacoast’s most successful chefs. DIY campers still get to participate in their favorite WBC activities and contests, but also have the chance to practice higher level creative and entrepreneurial thinking.

Open to campers entering 3rd – 6th grade.

$385 for campers, $260 for CITs.

Mission Incredible:

August 17 – August 20

FULL for Campers;

Limited space for CITs

Mission Incredible

Great superpowers and strategies are handy to have in your toolbelt once school rolls around. At this hero themed camp, choose workshops that set you up for the best year ever…in body, mind and spirit. Do yoga with Elastigirl, deal with Dr. Doom and other everyday worries, and whip up tasty treats with the Lunch League. Create and run the game or booth of your choosing at our Command Central Thursday finale!

Open to campers entering 2nd – 6th grade.

$285 for campers, $190 for CITs.


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You get to experience all the fun and adventure of camp right alongside campers, peers and mentors while exploring and enhancing your best self.


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