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At Summer Rangers, kids get swept away by the magic of Wizards and Wands, dig into Geology and prospecting, whip up culinary wonders and discover the world of Greek Mythology. Each camp follows a live-action story line, complete with characters who pop in and out of the portal to help campers understand and experience the themes first-hand. It’s all about engagement as kids follow along, try and predict what’s next and take a lead role themselves.


The final day of each camp is a special treat for parents and community members alike-  a kid-driven finale where campers teach attendees all that they’ve learned.  You’ll be surprised and impressed by the skill and enthusiasm with which they share their new knowledge with others!

Campers must currently be in grade 1-5 for Wizards & Wands, Geology Rocks and Greek week


Campers must currently be in grade 2-5 for World’s Best Chefs & Geo Rockhounds 


CITs must currently be in grade 6-9


All camps* are held at the “pumpkin” church, 129 Miller Ave. Portsmouth. Many kids ride their bikes or walk to camp with parents and/or friends.  If you’re from out of town and want help finding a carpool, let us know!

*Exception: Greek Week will be held at Saint Patrick Academy, 315 Banfield Rd, Portsmouth


All camps run from 9:00am – 3:00pm.  

Aftercare is available until 5:00pm- Reserve your space at registration or sign up the week of camp.


Registration opens February 2nd.  Slots fill up quickly.  Click here for Registration FAQs & Tips.


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Kids Inc: Wizards & Wands

June 28 – July 2

Kids Inc: Wizards & Wands

You’re in business and we’re here to back you up every step of the way! Design your own game of skill or chance and run it yourself at our legendary Hogsmeade Faire. Make Butterbeer Slime in Potions class, team up for the Riddikulus Relays, welcome visitors to your wand shop, get wet with Weasley’s Whizzing Water Balloons, score points at Quidditch, or whip up some cauldron cakes. Raise money for Hagrid’s hippogriff rescue fund…or a charity of your choosing.


June 28 – July 2

Open to campers who are current 1st – 5th graders and CITs who are current 6th – 9th graders.

$365 per camper

$250 per CIT

Geology Rocks!

July 12 – 16

Geology Rocks!

Boys and girls with a spirit of adventure can count on a week chock full of exploration. This year we’re deep in Hobbit country and hot on the trail of a giant gem – the Arkenstone. This treasure of all treasures is guarded night and day by Smaug the dragon. On the way to find the stone, you’ll go caving in the Carrock boulder field, hike the Misty Mountains, bake hobbit cakes for the journey and choose a prize from the Rivendell Rock Shop. On the last day, stage a Geo Expo in The Shire with simulations, experiments and Geo-themed games.


July 12 – 16

This camp is open campers currently in 1st – 5th grades and CITs currently in 6th – 9th grades.

$390 per camper

$265 per CIT

Geo Rockhounds (NEW)

July 19 – 23

Geo Rockhounds

Get ready to stake your claim! If you learned in Geo Rocks you have the heart of a rockhound, this camp is for you. We’ll be joined this week by Nick, the Northeast Prospector and he’s got a great dig site lined up for you. So, grab your pick and compass, we’re hiking into the hills in search of pockets of minerals! Back at base camp, of quartz we’ll be whipping up scrumptious treats and will leave no stone unturned with brand new experiments and projects…all in preparation for our Friday finale.


July 19 – 23

Designed for current 2nd – 5th graders ready to move to the next level in Geology and

CITs currently in 6th – 9th grades.

$390 per camper

$265 per CIT

World’s Best Chefs

(Two sessions)

August 2 – 6


August 23 – 26 (4 days)

World's Best Chefs

Learn the ropes with award-winning chefs from hot spots like Cava, Carriage House, Kitchen and Elephantine and serve customers on Finale Friday in restaurants you model off the originals. Start the week working at an heirloom seed farm and whipping up lunch, garden side. Compete with your team in our Cutthroat Kitchen competition. Mix and stir and roll and bake as we delve into delicious…pastry and pasta and dumplings and Down East whoopie pies.


WBC camp is for campers currently in 2nd – 5th grade and CITs currently in 6th – 9th grade.

Two Sessions:

August 2 – 6:  $395 per camper, $270 per CIT

August 23 – 26 (4 days):  $325 per camper, $225 per CIT

Greek Week

August 16 – 20


Held at Saint Patrick Academy

Banfield Rd. Portsmouth

Greek Week

Discover the myths and monsters of mythology and bring Homer’s Odyssey to life on a series of small stages. Design costumes, sets, and six-headed sea serpents. Lead your audience through the Aegean; meeting the Cyclops, Lotus Eaters, and the Sirens along the way to the big Friday finale. Grab a water balloon for an epic Skirmish of the Seas, try your luck at Medusa’s Revenge or complete your team quest. With all that hands-on adventure, you’re bound to get hungry! Snack each day in the taverna is Mediterranean-inspired and features everything from Greek pizza to an Athenian pasta bar.


Open to campers currently in 1st – 5th grade and CITs currently in 6th – 9th grade.

August 16 – 20

Held at Saint Patrick Academy, 315 Banfield Rd. Portsmouth

$365 per camper, $250 per CIT


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